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Key Challenges

Major Singaporean telcos are experiencing a sharp decline in their ARPUs

An influx of new telco brands has intensified competition. A decrease in the price of data in the last 3 years has largely driven the decrease in ARPUs.


Circles.Life provides products tailor-fit to their high-value customers who value superior customer service


60% of their subscriber base is between 18-34 years old

Digitally savvy

30% of their customers have a higher data consumption rate compared to market average.


Their churn rate is 20% of the SIM-only segment and similar to customers with contracts.

The result


Circles.Life’s market ARPU is 15% over the market average

Circles X drives ARPU up with its focus on providing customizable customer offerings that can be easily adapted to shifting customer needs.

The Circles X tech stack powers the ability to enrich customer experience

Data-driven decision making

360° data and continuous A/B testing gives Circles.Life a comprehensive view of customers across all touchpoints. The data goes back to CI/CD DevOps and product managers to improve behavioral segmentation.

Expansive digital ecosystem

Circles.Life enriches the customer’s experience by giving them easy access to the services and products they love. We combine a comprehensive digital ecosystem with unobtrusive targeting and hassle-free purchasing options for user ease.

A flexible and fully-integrated platform

Circles X allows Circles.Life to seamlessly launch new campaigns or products with just a few clicks. The harmonious integration of the unique cloud-native platform removes the need for constant IT testing.

Focused acquisition

With an in-depth view of the target audience and their journey, Circles X leverages channels that users use to gain their attention.

This is what Circles.Life has achieved. Now, imagine what Circles X can do for you

Are you ready for the future?

We provide everything you need to run and operate your own digital telco. You'll run a lean business with less than 10 people at launch. No added coordination for integration or change requests.

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Circles X can evolve your business. To learn more or request a demo, drop us a line.

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